2019 Catálogo Unificado Edifil de Sellos España

2019 Catálogo Unificado Edifil de Sellos España

2019 Unified Edifil Stamp Catalog Spain (in Spanish)

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About the Book

Newer edition: 2020 Unified Edifil Stamp Catalog Spain

2019 Unified Edifil Stamp Catalog Spain


Have your collection organized with the most innovative Spanish stamp catalog.

The Edifil catalog for stamps in Spain is printed in full color. It includes the images, quotation and description from the first stamp of Spain of 1850 until the end of 2018.

This catalog of stamps of Spain also includes all the data of Postcards, Aerograms, Luxury Tests, Barcelona, ​​Charity, Asturias and León, Valencia, Canary Islands, Telegraphs, Miniplakes, Premium Sheet, Philatelic Homages, Postal Envelopes and more ( see index).

Attention News 2019! – Since last year’s edition, apart from modifying some quotations and numbering, and including the new issues, as a most relevant change, all the structuring / numbering of the Official Commemorative Envelopes and the Post Cards and private initiative has been modified.

The Edifil catalog, 2019 edition also:

  • It has included several columns that will help us differentiate the price according to the quality of the piece (luxury and normal).
  • Includes more individual images of classic stamps
  • A detailed study of the market prices has been made and modified several quotes

How to use this catalog of stamps

This philately catalog serves to know the price of stamps in Spain and help you to classify them properly. Each stamp has an identifying number that helps to recognize it quickly (commonly called “Edifil numbering”). Whether you need to organize your collection because you have not touched it for a while, as if you have inherited a collection of stamps and you do not know what stamps you have or just want to know what your stamps are worth, the Edifil 2018/2019 stamp catalog will help you it.

This philatelic catalog features practical images that will help even the most inexperienced to recognize their stamps and practical explanations for more advanced collectors.

Trick: You can also mark in the catalog the stamps that you already have with a pencil to know with a simple glance the stamps that you have and those that you are missing.


How to know the price of a stamp

To discover the value of a stamp, first you have to differentiate between nominal value and philatelic value.

Nominal value is that it is printed on the stamp, it is the price that was dictated in the ministerial order of the Official State Bulletin (BOE) at the time of its issuance. In the catalog it is reflected next to the description and helps to identify it. There may be several stamps that are the same or very similar, in which only the number, which indicates the nominal value, changes.

The philatelic value is the market price that Edifil publishes for a certain stamp. It is located to the right of the description of each stamp, indicated in euros. It helps to get an idea of ​​the approximate price of a certain piece of philatelic, although this may vary by the state of the issue or supply / demand.


Index of the Spanish Stamp Catalog 2019

page / title


1 – Isabel II – Alfonso XIII

5 – Carlist Mail

17 – II Spanish Republic

27 – Spanish State

37 – 1950. Centenary of the Spanish Seal

80 – Reign of Juan Carlos I

242 – Reign of Philip IV

269 ​​- Custom Stamps

270 – Official Tests

282 – List of Premium Documents

284 – Philatelic tributes

275 – List of Ministries

287 – Barcelona

291 – Telegraph Barcelona

292 – Valencia

293 – Menorca / Asturias and León

294 – Canary Islands

296 – Telegraphs

298 – Beneficence

302 – Postal Stationery. Cards

313 – Postal Stationery. Mail Cards and Private Initiative

323 – Postal Stationery. Envelopes

337 – Postal Stationery. Aerograms

343 – Philatelic Documents

346 – Global Prices of Spain

Genre: Archive
Publisher: Edifil
Publication Year: 2018
List Price: EUR 16.00
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