2019 Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue Of Stamps And Covers 1840-1940

2019 Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue Of Stamps And Covers 1840-1940

2019 Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue Of Stamps And Covers 1840-1940 (in English)

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Newer edition: 2020 Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue Of Stamps And Covers 1840-1940

2019 Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue Of Stamps And Covers 1840-1940


The 2019 Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue of Stamps and Covers 1840-1940, widely recognized as the best single-volume catalog for classic-era stamps of the world, celebrates its 25th anniversary.

The Scott Classic Specialized catalog has grown substantially since the first volume was introduced in 1994 (the 1995 edition) – from 857 pages of listings in the 1995 edition to 1,308 pages in the 25th edition. The first edition consolidated the basic listings from the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue for stamps issued from 1840 to 1940. In the 1996 edition, Scott began to add values for covers. In the 1998 edition, listings of British Commonwealth countries were extended to 1952 to include all British Commonwealth stamps issued under King George VI.

Contains Stamp Information on the following Countries:

United States (US Confederate States, Guam, Hawaii) – Aden – Afghanistan – La Aguera – Aitutaki – Alaouites – Albania – Algeria – Allenstein – Spanish Andorra – French Andorra – Anjouan – Argentina (Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Corrientes) – Ascension – Australia – Austria (Lombardy-Venetia) – Austrian (Offices in Crete, Offices in the Turkish Empire) – Barbados – Basutoland – Batum – Bechuanaland Protectorate – Belgian Congo – Belgium – Benin – Bermuda – Bolivia – Bosnia & Herzegovina – Brazil – British Columbia & Vancouver Island – British Guiana – British Honduras – Bulgaria – Cameroun – Canada – Cape Juby – Caroline Islands – Castellorizo – Ceylon – Chad – Chile – Cochin-China – Corfu – Cuba – Cyrenaica – Dahomey -Dalmatia – Danish West Indies – Danzig – Diego-Suarez – Denmark – Ecuador – Epirus – Eritrea – Ethiopia – Fiji – Fiume – Finland – France – French Offices Abroad (China, Crete, Egypt-Alexandria, Egypt-Port Said) – French Colonies – French Congo – French Equatorial Africa – French Guiana – French Guinea – French India – French Morocco – French Polynesia – French Sudan – Gabon – German East Africa – German New Guinea – German South West Africa – German States (Baden, Bavaria, Bergedorf, Bremen, Brunswick, Hamburg, Hanover, Lubeck, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Mechlenburg-Strelitz, Oldenburg, Prussia, Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Thurn and Taxis, Wurttemberg, North German Confederation) – Germany – German Offices Abroad (China, Morocco, Turkish Empire) – Grand Comoro – Great Britain – Great Britain Offices Abroad (Eritrea, Morocco, Turkish Empire) – Greece – Greenland – Guadeloupe – Heligoland – Hong Kong – Iceland – India – Indo-China – Inini – Iran – Italian Colonies – Italian East Africa – Italian States (Modena, Parma, Romagna, Roman States, Sardinia, Tuscany, Two Sicilies) – Italy – Italian Offices Abroad (China, Africa, Crete, Turkish Empire, Aegean Islands)

Select Editorial Enhancements for the Specialized Catalogue:

  • Various notes and footnotes have been clarified or expanded throughout the catalog to further explain complicated listings, and other notes have been screened carefully to ensure accuracy
  • Classic Germany received a complete review this year, resulting in more than 1,900 value changes, with a mix of increases and decreases. Increases are especially notable among never-hinged and on-cover values.
  • Collectors of Portugal and its colonies should pay special attention to Mozambique Company. The listings from Scott 1 through 104 have been completely reorganized by the paper on which the stamps were printed, and by perforation gauge. Collectors are encouraged to refer to the Classic Specialized Additions, Deletions & Number Changes for important changes to the listings. In addition to this beneficial reorganization, more than 160 value changes were made
  • Almost 1,200 value changes were made to the listings of the Colombian States of Antioquia, Bolivar, Boyaca, Cundinamarca, Santander, and Tolima.
  • Significant value increases are found among the listings of Transvaal, which was known as the South African Republic until 1877, when it was occupied and annexed by the British
  • A complete examination of Australia resulted in more than 700 value changes, with more decreases than increases
  • New never-hinged listings have been added to Jordan, Kuwait, and Lebanon
  • Almost 770 value changes were recorded for Italian Offices Abroad in Aegean Islands

Genre: Archive
Publisher: Amos
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: 0894875604
ISBN: 9780894875601
List Price: USD 174.99
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