2020 US/BNA Postage Stamp Catalog

2020 US/BNA Postage Stamp Catalog

2020 US/BNA Postage Stamp Catalog

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2020 US/BNA Postage Stamp Catalog

The H.E Harris US/BNA Stamp Catalog and Price Guide has been published annually since 1935. H.E. Harris’ Postage Stamp Catalog contains current market values for United States Mint and Used Singles, First Day Covers, Mint Sheets, and Plate Blocks where appropriate. An invaluable stamp identification reference, The Harris Catalog contains thousands of stamp illustrations in color to identify virtually every design and listing by Scott’s numbering system. Hardbound Hidden Spiral, Over 400 Pages, Thousands of price changes from prior year.

Features of the 2020 US/BNA Postage Stamp Catalog include:

an authoritative United States Stamp Identifier for identifying the rare and common U.S. stamps that look alike but for minor variations.

A Unites States Commemorative Identifier for identifying commemorative stamps by Scott Number based on the subject or person commemorated.

A complete listing of United States Stamps by Scott Number for regular issues, commemoratives, and Semi-Postals, Air Post, Special Delivery, U.S. Postage Dues, Offices in China, U.S. Officials, Parcel Post, Special Handling and Postal Notes.

Unites States Postal Stationery and Postal Cards.

The Revenue Stamps listing includes Revenues, Proprietary Stamps and Documentary, Silver Tax Stamps and Tobacco Sale Tax Stamps.

The Uniting Permit Section includes the Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamps plus a listing of the State Hunting Permit Stamps; Alabama to Wyoming.

United States Possessions Stamps include the Canal Zone, Cuba, Hawaii, Guam, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau, and Ryukyu Islands.

The stamps of the Confederate States are listed for Scott Numbers 1-14.

United Nations are listed for stamps and Postal Stationery and Postal Cards, for New York, Gevena, and Vienna.

British North America includes the stamps of Canada, British Columbia and Vancouver Island, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.

Genres: Canada, North America, United Nations, USA
Publisher: Whitman Pub Llc
Publication Year: 2019
ASIN: 0794846920
ISBN: 9780794846923
List Price: USD 34.95
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