2024 Scott Catalogue CLASSIC SPECIALIZED (WORLD 1840-1940)

2024 Scott Catalogue CLASSIC SPECIALIZED (WORLD 1840-1940)

2024 Scott Catalogue CLASSIC SPECIALIZED (WORLD 1840-1940)

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2024 Scott Catalogue CLASSIC SPECIALIZED (WORLD 1840-1940)

What’s in the Classic Specialized Volume?

This volume includes listings for the 350+ countries around the world where stamps were issued between the years of 1840-1940. Beginning with the first ever stamp issued in Great Britain in 1840, the Classic is the primary source for the issues of the first century of philately.

In contrast to the standard catalogs (volumes 1-6), this unique volume provides further insight and greatly expanded information on early worldwide issues in the form of expanded listings. Expanded listings range from color varieties to paper varieties to individual never-hinged issues.

The Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue is also a major source for listings and values for covers, multiples (including strips and blocks of four) for select countries, stamps without gum as well as used pairs.

As we continue to research classic stamp issues each year, we are always adding new varieties to our existing listings. And of course, the Classic is always updated with the latest values for stamps from the years of 1840 to 1940.

A Premium Hardcover to Celebrate the Classics

The Classic Specialized catalog is the only Scott Catalogue to benefit from an attractive hardcover binding. Each year, when we release this premium edition, we choose an elegant new color for the Classic cover, which is then hardcover bound completely with that color from front to back. Inlaid in the colorful hardcover binding, you’ll find the volume’s title printed upon it in an attractive font that accompanies a featured stamp from this cherished time period.

Since all other Scott catalogs are softcover, this peerless volume will stand out as a handsome and welcome addition to your end table or bookshelf.

Genre: Global
Publisher: Scott Publishing
Publication Year: 2023
ISBN: 9780894877117
List Price: USD 179.99
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