2024 SCOTT CATALOGUE VOLUME 1 (US & Countries A-B)

2024 SCOTT CATALOGUE VOLUME 1 (US & Countries A-B)

2024 SCOTT CATALOGUE VOLUME 1 (US & Countries A-B)

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2024 SCOTT CATALOGUE VOLUME 1 (US & Countries A-B)


What’s in Volume 1?

Volume 1 includes listings for the United States, plus countries of the world beginning with letters A and B. These begin with Abu Dhabi and end with Bushire. In addition to the United States, other notable countries include Australia, Brazil and the United Nations. All Scott catalogs include both existing countries and those that no longer exist (but at one time produced stamps).

Volume 1 includes over 60 countries (past and present). The main countries included in Volume 1 are as follows:

United States – Afghanistan – Aitutaki – Albania – Algeria – Andorra (French / Spanish) – Angola – Anguilla – Antigua – Argentina – Armenia – Aruba – Ascension – Australia – Australian Antarctic Territory – Austria – Azerbaijan – Bahamas – Bahrain – Bangladesh – Barbados – Barbuda – Belarus – Belgium – Belize – Benin – Bermuda – Bhutan – Bolivia – Bosnia & Herzegovina – Botswana – Brazil – British Antactic Territory – British Indian Ocean Territory – Brunei – Bulgaria – Burkina Faso – Burma – Burundi and the following entities: United Nations – New York, United Nations – Geneva, United Nations – Vienna.

More detailed U.S. listings (to include sections not included in the Volume 1 listings, such as postal cards and essays and proofs) can be found in the U.S. Specialized Digital Catalogue.

The list of 2024 updates for Volume 1 has been revealed!

As always, countless updates were made across the entire catalog. Countries that received special attention during this year’s updates include Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and many more. Full details of this year’s update were announced in Linn’s Stamp News magazine.

Every year, our philatelic team (who work on both the Scott Catalogue and Linn’s Stamp News) work tirelessly to catalog all the new issues and update values for stamp listings throughout each volume. Because the world is a big place, our editors can’t cover all the philatelic activities for every nation every year. That’s why we publish these announcements detailing just which areas received the most attention, so collectors like you can be aware of what changes await you inside.

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