AFA DANMARK Frimærkekatalog 2018

AFA DANMARK Frimærkekatalog 2018
EUR 45.00
Genres: Denmark, Europe, Faroe Islands, Greenland
Publisher: AFA
Publication Year: 2017
AFA Catalog Denmark/Faroe Islands/Greenland 2018 Color} Catalog Denmark / Faroe Islands / Greenland 2018 Fairly specialized catalog of stamps of Denmark,Faroe Islands, Schleswig, Danish West Indies and Greenland. With plate errors, christmas stamps, stamp booklets, letter valuations and Danish number stamps. (Danish)
About the Book

The catalog has information and color illustrations of all stamps from Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Danish West Indies and Schleswig until September 2017 as well as a detailed cataloging of mint and cancelled stamps as well as cancelled stamps. This year there are more than 30 varieties, many of them illustrated in colours. Furthermore cataloging of stamp booklets, unofficial FDC, year packs, Christmas seals, letters etc. In total 680 pages. Language: Danish. Published October 27, 2017.

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