EUR 37.50
Genres: Åland Islands, Europe
Publisher: Robert Fillips
Publication Year: 2016
Åland Special 2016 in German
About the Book

The catalog ÅLAND-SPEZIAL 2016 contains 352 pages of illustrations, detailed descriptions and price reviews of all stamps, machine brands, postal stationery, maximum cards, exhibition cards, exhibition stamps, special cancellations and much more. All stamps published by the end of 2015 in the Åland Islands are recorded and coloured, text in German. The German stamp newspaper writes about the ÅLAND-SPEZIAL 2010: “A proud book that deserves the title manual.” (DBZ No. 3/2010). The Post-Museum in Helsinki writes: “CONGRATULATIONS FOR THE MARVELLOUS PUBLICATION ÅLAND-SPECIAL”. The book was awarded the Grand Silver Medal at the International Stamp Exhibition IBRA’09.

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