Austria Netto Katolog Briefmarken Österreich Spezial 2017/2018

Austria Netto Katolog Briefmarken Österreich Spezial 2017/2018
ANK Stamp Catalogue Austria Special 2017/2018 (German)
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Special elaboration of all brands and special features from 1850 until today incl. UNO Vienna. All stamps are shown in color and rated – about 6000 illustrations in color on 664 pages. In addition to the stamp issues are in the special catalog in addition printed maps, plate errors and misprints and all other philatelic special items or special features such as black and colored prints, balloon mail, post office Christkindl, the special articles of Austrian Post us many more philatelic issues.

As every year fundamentally revised, supplemented or expanded, this year many new record errors and numerous peculiarities have been recorded. Completely revised and detailed expanded the postal stationery of the “Grazer Aushilfsausgabe” from 1945. As in recent years, not yet cataloged special editions of interesting philatelic areas have been included as special parts in this issue.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the “Hundertwasser Philately”, a special section of the official stamps dedicated to the whole world with the designs of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, as well as the official personalized “Hundertwasser stamps” were clearly cataloged and summarized.

In the field of classical philately the plate error “9 Kreuzer Type I.” follows in this issue the special elaboration of the plate errors of the “45 Centesimi” and further intensifies the types of the first edition.

Also the elaboration of the “Portoprovisorien Südtirol” has been extended and completed. The new “Marken Editions 4” of Österreichische Post AG supplement the previous stamp editions 1, 8 and 20.

The color shading of the chapters to make it even easier to find your collection areas makes it even easier to handle the catalog.

Genres: Austria, Europe
Publisher: ANK Verlag Christine Steyrer
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 3902662425
ISBN: 9783902662422
List Price: EUR 49.90
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