Edifil Spain 2020 Stamp Catalog

Edifil Spain 2020 Stamp Catalog

Edifil Catálogo de Sellos de España 2020 (in Spanish)

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About the Book

Edifil Spain 2020 Stamp Catalog

Catalog of the stamps of Spain, with letters, FDC and postal stationery, 378 pages in color,


  • – Reign Isabel II – Alfonso XIII
  • – Carlist Mail
  • – II Spanish Republic
  • – Spanish state
  • – 1950. Centenary of the Spanish label
  • – Reign of Juan Carlos I
  • – Reign of Philip VI
  • – Custom stamps
  • – Official tests
  • – Premium sheet ratio
  • – Philatelic tributes
  • – Relationship of miniplies
  • – Barcelona and telegraphs Barcelona
  • – Valencia
  • – Menorca
  • – Asturias and León
  • – Canary Islands
  • – Telegraphs
  • – Charity
  • – Whole postcards
  • – Mail and private initiative cards
  • – Whole postal envelopes
  • – Postal aerograms
  • – Philatelic documents
  • – Global prices of Spain

About Edifil catalogue

The Edifil is a philatelic catalog specialized in postal stamps of Spain, and is the most common use to catalog those stamps.

About Edifil

In the 1960s, this philatelic company chaired by Ángel Laiz was created and since then the Unified Edifil Catalog is published annually, which includes, in addition to national issues, those of former Spanish colonies, Andorra and Equatorial Guinea.

This catalog includes both the image of most of the stamps, a brief description, the nominal value and the approximate market price. At the moment its codification is the most used in Spain to communicate between the collective of collectors and merchants.

Edifil, S.A. It also produces a catalog, composed of several volumes, with a more specific list of postal stamps from Spain and postal history. This is generally known as “Unified Specialized Catalog”. This catalog contains more detailed information than the basic one, as well as showing greater emphasis on varieties and errors.

Genres: Europe, Spain
Publisher: Edifil
Publication Year: 2019
List Price: EUR 16.00
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