FACIT Norden 2020

FACIT Norden 2020

Facit Norden 2020

About the Book

Newer edition: FACIT Norden 2022

FACIT Norden 2020

Facit Norden 2020 is 1016 pages and contains all the Nordic stamps until the latest issue. However, only stamps from 1951 onwards are described with varieties, earlier stamps are described only with issue, denomination and price for a normal stamp.

For the first time the catalogue is in hardcover, just like the sister catalogue FACIT Special Classic 2020!

The following has been changed or added in this year’s edition:

  • The catalogue is now in hardcover with a ribbon bookmark.
  • Article “Shade classification of the Three Crowns issue (F284-317)”, which is illustrated with a colour picture for every shade.
  • Compiled list of the countries’ minisheets (BL).
  • Revising of the Swedish souvenir sheets (SS) and minisheets (BL).
  • The Norwegian “Affixing roll stamps” are updated until April 2019.
  • The Danish franking labels have been updated.
  • List with prices for Iceland’s TOLLUR cancellations on stamps.
  • All newly issued Nordic stamps.
  • Price adjustments and various corrections.
  • Updated membership roster for the Swedish Stamp Dealers Association.
  • Adverts from stamp dealers and auctioneers.
  • Adverts from the Nordic postal services.
  • No less than 1016 pages.

About Facit Förlags AB

Facit Förlags AB is a Swedish registered limited company, which publishes the so-called FACIT books annually. There are three different variants on Facit: Facit special, Facit Postal and Facit Sweden. Facit special is issued annually and contains all the stamps of the Nordic countries. Facit Postal is published every five years and focuses on Swedish stamps and postal history. Facit Sweden was the first Facit book and was first published in 1947, published every two years and contains a complete collection of all of Sweden’s stamps and its prices.

Genre: Archive
Publisher: Facit Förlags AB
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9789186564872
List Price: SEK 500
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