JPS Chinese Stamp Catalogue 2018

JPS Chinese Stamp Catalogue 2018

JPS China Stamp Catalogue 2018 (in Japanese)

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Review all the stamp evaluation, for stamp until the early 1980’s!

In this year’s edition, JPS has reexamined the stamp assessment of mainland China throughout the first half of the 1980s, which has experienced major fluctuations in the past ten years. In the past, when the rise in the evaluation continued, it could be said that there was a large gap between the single piece total and the set evaluation, which was an abnormal situation. Now that price movements have stabilised, JPS has revising and adopting “Scott” and evaluation trends of Chinese stamp catalogs of each country. Evaluation has been reexamined for most stamps whether they are unused / used and you can not keep an eye on them.

Another attention is the colorisation of the version feature chart of the initial stamp. It was a monochrome figure so far, but it became easier to understand the features of each version by colorisation. In addition, JPS are increasing the number of feature version charts posted. Biannually-published ‘Hong Kong’ and ‘Macao’, in this year ‘s edition’ Macao ‘was taken. As in previous edition “Hong Kong”, this also reflects the actual situation of the market, and the evaluation has gone upwards overall.

※ From ‘2015,’ China Hong Kong ‘and’ China Macao ‘are posted every other year every other year.

Genres: Asia, China, Macau
Publisher: Japan Philosophy Association
Publication Year: 2017
List Price: JPY 2,484
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