Michel Circus – Whole World

Michel Circus – Whole World

Michel Zirkus – Ganze Welt (in German)

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About the Book

Michel Circus – Whole World


Issues from all over the world that depict circus motifs.


  • The first edition on a topic that inspires young and old alike
  • Postage stamps relating to the ring, clowns and artists have been issued in many countries around the world.
  • Many circus motifs can be found on Eastern European and Monegasque postage stamps.
  • The selection of the new MICHEL motif volume was again made with the list function of the MICHEL-Online, with which every collector can put together and print their own collection areas.
  • Over 1,600 colour images and approx. 12,000 price ratings
  • News until the MICHEL-Rundschau 5/2020


Pages: 156
Format: Paperback

Genre: Thematic stamp catalogues
Publisher: Schwaneberger Verlag
Publication Year: 2020
ASIN: 3954023474
ISBN: 9783954023479
List Price: EUR 69.90
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