MICHEL Deutschland 2016/2017

MICHEL Deutschland 2016/2017
EUR 54.80
Genre: Germany
Publisher: Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH
Publication Year: 2016
ASIN: 3954021668
ISBN: 9783954021666
Michel Germany catalogue 2016/2017 with CD - in color (German)
About the Book

Oldtimer, North German Bund und Deutsches Reich, Abroad, Colonies, Post offices abroad, Occupation issues of the First and Second World Wars, Polling areas, Belgian Military Mail in the Rhineland, Eupen, Malmédy, Gdansk, Memel, Bohemia and Moravia, Generalgouvernement, Sudetenland, Feldpostmarken, Allied Occupation (Joint Issues, Berlin and Brandenburg, Soviet Zone, French Zone, American and British Zone), GDR, Berlin (West), Saarland with OPD-issues, FRG.


  • Editorial revision of the entire contents
  • Complete revision of the areas Russia, Ukraine and Zara under German occupation in the Second World War
  • Other areas of focus were on the issues of the Belgian Military Mail in the Rhineland, as well as Eupen and Malmédy with many new illustrations
  • Lively price movements throughout the catalog; e.g. In Old Germany, occupation in the First and Second World War, Generalgouvernement, Sudetenland, local issues, Soviet Zone, French Zone and Bizone, but also in the first years of the GDR and FRG.
  • Catalogs of novelties up to MICHEL-Rundschau 6/2016
  • Around 10,400 color illustrations and more than 61,500 price quotations

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