Michel Deutschland 2019/2020

Michel Deutschland 2019/2020

Michel Germany 2019/2020 (in German)

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Old German States, North German Confederation and German Reich, offices abroad, colonies, shipping abroad, occupation issues of the First and Second World War, voting areas, Belgian military post in the Rhineland, Eupen, Malmédy, Danzig, Memel, Bohemia and Moravia, General gouvernement, Sudetenland, Field post stamps, local editions, Allied occupation (joint editions, Berlin and Brandenburg, Soviet occupation zone, French zone, American and British zone), GDR, Berlin (west), Saarland with OPD issues, Federal Republic of Germany.

The MICHEL Germany provides a good overview of all German brands. It provides additional information about watermarks, perforations, forgery advice and other peculiarities. Therefore this catalogue provides, for collectors of German stamps, just the right balance between detail and clarity.

If you are looking for special information, you should refer to the MICHEL Germany special:

Volume 1 deals with German brands until April 1945 and

Volume 2 deals with the brands from May 1945.

Attention: On the back of the MICHEL Germany 2019/2020 the wrong price is printed. The official and in Germany bound store price is 59,80 €!


  • Completely revised and updated edition of the most well-known MICHEL reference book!
  • Exciting innovations in machine brands of Deutsche Post!
  • Also price movements and price increases especially for brands of the Sudetenland
  • Increased prices also in other areas throughout the band
  • Many new acquisitions of brands discovered in the past year, mainly from the Sudetenland region
  • Numerous additional color illustrations illustrate different value levels wherever possible, making it easier to determine the correct brand
  • Over 11,400 high-resolution color images and approx. 63,000 price evaluations
  • News to MICHEL-Rundschau 6/2019

Product information:

  • Edition: 106th edition, in color
  • Pages: 1152
  • Format: 155 mm x 230 mm, hardcover

Genres: Europe, Germany
Publisher: Schwaneberger Verlag
Publication Year: 2019
ASIN: 3954022702
ISBN: 9783954022700
List Price: EUR 59.80
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