Michel Germany Specialized 2024 – Volume 2 (as of May 1945)

Michel Germany Specialized 2024 – Volume 2 (as of May 1945)

Michel Deutschland-Spezial 2024 – Band 2 (in German)

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Michel Germany Specialized 2024 – Volume 2 (as of May 1945)


German local stamps issued starting in 1945, including official and private stamps; joint issues, Berlin and Brandenburg, Soviet Zone; German Democratic Republic, Berlin (West), Saarland and Saarland as federal state of the F.R.G.; French Zone, American Zone and British Zone; F.R.G., foreign postal offices, international reply coupons.


  • The postage stamps issued by Saarland are designed in great detail and probably required their designers and engravers‘ total concentration – which is a good reason to pay them our respect in this MICHEL Germany Special, too. This 54th Edition provides considerably expanded information about the designers and engravers of the postage and special stamps issued by Saarland as well as the postage stamps of the French and American-British occupation zones.


  • The three “major“ collection areas after 1945 – G.D.R., Berlin and F.R.G. – have issued a multitude of attractive postage stamp series over the years. For the first time ever, each tabular short presentation now comes with complete illustrations in this edition of MICHEL Germany Special.


  • The local and joint issues, the issues of West Berlin, the ribbon and net overprints of the Bizone, the registered mail stamps of the G.D.R., the process of updating their prices, which has taken many years, having been completed now, and naturally the Federal Republic of Germany, whose new postage stamp series ”World of Letters” shows an impressive wealth of perforation and grid variations, were additional focal points with numerous price adjustments, new plate flaws and type variations


Edition: 54th
Pages: 1504
Format: 155 mm x 230 mm Hardcover with bookmarker and watermark folding plate

Genres: Europe, Germany
Publisher: Schwaneberger Verlag
Publication Year: 2024
ASIN: 3954024926
ISBN: 9783954024926
List Price: EUR 98.00
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