Michel Nordafrika 2016/2017

Michel Nordafrika 2016/2017

Michel North Africa 2016/2017 (in German)

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About the Book

Egypt, Algeria, Ethiopia, Djibouti (with Obock, Frz. Somali Coast, Afar and Issa), Eritrea, Italian Colonies, Italian East Africa, Libya (with Tripolitania, Cyrenaica, Fezzan, Ghadamès), Morocco (with Ifni, Cape Juby, Tangier ), Somalia (with Somaliland, Djubaland), Spanish Sahara (with La Agüera, Rio Oro), Spanish West Africa, Sudan, South Sudan and Tunisia.


  • NEW: Hardcover with ribbon
  • Treasure trove for motif and classic collectors
  • Editorial revision of the entire reference work
  • Handy new format with a clear and modern layout
  • More than 12,500 illustrations and about 63,000 price quotations as well as philatelic maps
  • Many valuation changes
  • New catalogs until Wed 9/2016

Series: Übersee Kataloge, Book 4.1
Genres: Africa, Algeria, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya, Morocco, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tunisia
Publisher: Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH
Publication Year: 2016
ASIN: 3954021579
ISBN: 9783954021574
List Price: EUR 84.00
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