Michel Osteuropa 2018/2019

Michel Osteuropa 2018/2019

Michel Eastern Europe 2018/2019 (in German)

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About the Book

Newer edition: Michel Eastern Europe 2019/2020

Michel Eastern Europe 2018/2019 (EK 7)


Carpathian Ukraine, Moldova (Moldova), Poland, Russia, Soviet Union, Ukraine, Belarus and Western Ukraine.


  • Completely revised new edition
  • Focus of editorial work: Soviet Union
  • Many price increases in Old Russian brands, some prices have more than doubled
  • Prices of Soviet varieties increase partly drastically, the ratings of many other brands of the Soviet Union from the years 1940 to 1960 rise
  • New discoveries in the Soviet Union: Many new varieties (Teilzähnungen) and rare stamps with Linienzähnung
  • New catalogs to MICHEL-Rundschau 9/2018
  • Around 15,200 illustrations and about 61,000 price quotations

Product information:

Edition: 103rd edition, in color
Pages: 1216
Format: 155 mm x 230 mm, hardcover

Genre: Archive
Publisher: Steigenberger Verlag
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: 395402277X
ISBN: 9783954022779
List Price: EUR 72.00
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