Michel Prifix Katalog Luxemburg 2017

Michel Prifix Katalog Luxemburg 2017

Michel-Prifix Catalog Luxembourg 2017 in German and French

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About the Book


Stamp issues of Luxembourg from 1852 to the end of 2016 including the German occupation expenses in the Second World War. Bilingual: German and French.


  • Cooperation of the German MICHEL catalog with the Luxembourg Prifix catalog
  • Bilingual: German (text in black) and French (in blue)
  • Cataloging follows the well-known MICHEL scheme: head text, color illustrations, detailed picture description, MiNr. etc.
  • With the private expenses of the Luxembourg Post Office
  • Numerous price movements throughout the reference book
  • About 1500 pictures and more than 6000 prizes
  • Catalogs for novelties up to Wed 11/2016

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Genres: Europe, Luxembourg
Publisher: Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH
Publication Year: 2016
ASIN: 3954021692
ISBN: 9783954021697
List Price: € 28.00

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