Michel Vögel 2017/2018

Michel Vögel 2017/2018

Michel Birds 2017/2018 (in English)

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About the Book

This MICHEL collects stamps from all over Europe with bird motifs.


  • Birds are one of the most popular subject collection areas
  • Not only domestic birds are covered in Europe, but all those to whom a European country has dedicated stamps – including animals from the tropics
  • News until June 2017 with over 400 new brands. Here you will also find many native bird species that have never made it on stamps before! An example: the Knuttstrandlaufläufer adorns a new Dutch brand.
  • Over 5000 different motifs depicting more than 660 different species of birds
  • Detailed register section, with which all stamps with special bird species can be found incl. Scientific nomenclature
  • Over 5000 color illustrations and approx. 20,000 price quotations

Genre: Thematic stamp catalogues
Publisher: Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 3954022176
ISBN: 9783954022175
List Price: EUR 69.80
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