Mundifil Catalog of Postage Stamps and Pre-Adhesive Marks of Portugal, Azores and Madeira 2018

Mundifil Catalog of Postage Stamps and Pre-Adhesive Marks of Portugal, Azores and Madeira 2018

Catálogo de Selos Postais e Marcas Pré-Adesivas de Portugal, Açores e Madeira para 2018 (in Portuguese)

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Newer edition: Mundifil Portugal 2020 Stamp Catalogue

Mundifil Catalog of Postage Stamps and Pre-Adhesive Marks of Portugal, Azores and Madeira 2018


This 32nd edition of the Catalog of Postage Stamps and Pre-Adhesive Marks of Portugal, Azores and Madeira for 2018, in a single volume, includes the record of emissions that were circulated from 1853 until the end of 2017, as well as the list pre-adhesive marks.

In relation to the 31st edition, work continued on the introduction of new data, the registration of stamp motifs and the inclusion of more varieties in order to constantly improve the technical quality of a specialized catalog such as this one to serve better and better. the interests and needs of philatelists at all levels.

Significant new valences have been introduced that simply consulting the catalog will allow us to identify and understand in depth. For their importance, the following changes stand out: reproduction of all ordinary postage stamps (from paragraph 1 to paragraph 4927), even when the stamps of the issue have the same design; identification of each variety by the stamp number plus one or two letters, with italic text; alphabetical index of stamp motifs; indication of stamps with inscriptions on the back; quotations for gum-free (or regimented) stamps in issues of Portugal from the 1920s, the Azores, Madeira and the Island Administrative Districts, in addition to those already existing from the Monarchy period; an indication, for each issue of the labels, of the rate sets of each of the years in which they are known; quotations of all parts for each issue (series, block, FDC, FDCB, miniature sheet, FDCF and Carnet) together with them, and continue to be listed in Chapter III. For this reason, there is a considerable increase in the number of pages in this issue – about seven dozen.

The identification of stamp papers includes the thickness and the acronym FSC when applied (since 2010). The FSC – Forest Stewardship Council – is a non-governmental organization, founded in 1993, based on the need to ensure environmental conservation and sustainable development of forests worldwide. An FSC certified paper means that it was obtained through responsible forest management.

Quotations in the catalog, defined and adjusted, as usual, based on market values ​​and the opinion of professionals in the sector, should be understood as guidelines for the definition of the price actually charged as a result of an agreement between seller and buyer. . It is recommended to read the Introduction page for a better identification with the meaning of the columns that have the quotes.

The revision and updating of this edition of the catalog was due to Eng. Miranda da Mota – member of the Association Internationale des Experts en Philatélie – who is responsible for the technical orientation of this work.

About Mundifil

MUNDIFIL is a Portuguese company that started its activity in 2015 in the area of philately and numismatics and is dedicated to supporting collectors by marketing a set of products associated with this area, particularly stamps, letters, coins and banknotes. Portugal and the Portuguese Colonies, and supporting material for the development of the collections in order to preserve and value these assets. It is based on the professionalism demonstrated by eighteen years of experience in this trade by team members.

MUNDIFIL is mainly known for the edition of two specialized catalogs of stamps from Portugal, Azores and Madeira and the Portuguese Colonies, as well as an own album for the labels of Portugal.

Genre: Archive
Publisher: Mundifil
Publication Year: 2018
List Price: EUR 38.00
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