Mundifil Portugal 2020 Stamp Catalog

Mundifil Portugal 2020 Stamp Catalog

Mundifil selos postais e marcas pre-adecivas: Portugal, Açores, Madeira 2020 (in Portuguese)

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Mundifil Portugal 2020 Stamp Catalog

Portugal 2020 stamp catalog – continuation of the Afinsa catalog, but under the name Mundifil

For those who have a catalog prior to 2016, this catalog is essential, as the previous ones are already very outdated, both in terms of values, as well as in stamps, since in 2108, it was updated to include many stamps that were not in previous catalogs.

For those who have the 2018 catalog, is this new catalog interesting?

It depends on what you want. If you want to have the following information, the answer is yes:

– New stamps (example of photo 2, in which a new stamp from 2013 was discovered, but which made a new circulation in 2014, with different characteristics such as color and size – as has only been seen now, the stamp is in great demand, due to rarity, such as the 2002 no fee stamp and a new stamp came out in 2004)

– quotation of labels from different years of the output (example of photo 3, and those who have labels of other rates, you can see well, because some are worth more than 10x the quote)

– change in the price of stamps, namely stamps from europe (example in photo 4, where some of the stamps the price fell, for example 70 €, from 110 € to 40 €)

– new variants of stamps and respective prices (example in photo 5, where the price of the stamps of the variants are much higher)

– new images of classic stamps, to highlight the various variants (example in photo 6)

– new index of stamps by theme (example in photo 7 – very interesting and essential for thematic collections)

Genre: Portugal
Publisher: Mundifil
Publication Year: 2020
List Price: EUR 49.90
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