NVPH Special Catalogus 2018

NVPH Special Catalogus 2018
NVPH Special Catalogue The Netherlands and Overseas 2018
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Philatelically, we have had an interesting period. The whole thing with the stamping of stamps by Post NL has created something unique. We were used to having our stamps “normally” stamped, in the first half of the 2017 our seals were detected by pen marks. What do we need to do as a Catalog Committee, should there be a separate price valuation? It is clear that a collector is not waiting for scratched material. We also do not expect this to have philatelic added value. We therefore refrain from giving a price rating here and leave it to the collector about what he wants to pay for these stamps.

At the 2017 catalog you were asked to report errors in the catalog. We have known that !!! A multitude of large and small errors were neatly listed to us, however we do not expect that all errors are out. Since my catalog with posted and posted improvements on the Postex 2017 has “disappeared” a number of corrections will not be found, apologies for this. One name is worth mentioning, Mr. Van Grinsven sent a large number of A-4s with corrections, also in the linguistic field. Thank you very much for that, it will have cost a lot of work, but we have taken advantage of it.
Do not let that you are called to provide us with comments and comments.
You can use the e-mail address catalog nvph@vph-wph.nl for this.

Then the catalog itself. The prices for mint and stamped material from before 1930 remain unchanged high, provided they are of good quality. The supply of material, certainly after 1930, is large, but we see prices stabilizing and find it a good development.
In this catalog a new layout has been made of the tickets of 5 of Queen Beatrix. Hopefully it is now clear to find where what belongs. Thanks to Mr Hazelhoff for his expertise. A number of deviations in the performance have been reported for the Prestigeboekjes, these are included, insofar as known, and provided with a catalog price.

The nursery has also been reintegrated, particularly on the deviations observed in the Jubilee series 1923. It was the intention to include the dual issue of 2001, technically it was not possible to fit this year in, but we will see whether that succeeds in the 2019 edition.

In this edition is included in the separate section, as usual, the old and new plate errors. In addition, the Issues of the Day of the Postage Stamp, edited by Mr. Walraven, are very worth reading and collecting.
In addition, an extensive section of known (and unknown) Point Stamps has been included. The intention is mainly to interest collectors in this beautiful collection area.
As Messrs. Janssen, Jans and Hooglugt also state: “We do not strive for completeness, but we want to draw your attention to this interesting collection area.

It is worth mentioning the renewed literature list compiled by Messrs Storm van Leeuwen and Vellekoop. Good and expert book articles informing us about our collection area are indispensable. Warmly recommended.

Genres: Europe, Netherlands
Publisher: NVPH
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 9073646731
ISBN: 9789073646735
List Price: EUR 33.90
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