NVPH – Stamp Catalogue Netherlands 2023

NVPH – Stamp Catalogue Netherlands 2023


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NVPH – Stamp Catalogue Netherlands 2023

There is an unprecedented number of changes and improvements to report this year that make the purchase of this catalog more than worthwhile.

  • Over 500 new images
  • Over 800 text changes and additions
  • Over 2,500 price adjustments
  • Free blueprint number 20
  • Theme Emission 1923 100 years
  • Improved vintage table
  • Over 500 new images

Most striking is the fact that this year for the first time in the history of the NVPH catalog we are showing all franking stamps in all their glory. Not only is it a beautiful sight, it is also true that a color image says more than a color description.

Over 800 text corrections and additions

On many points in the catalog improvements have been made to the texts and descriptions. A very remarkable one is the name change of the 1891 issue from ‘Princess Wilhelmina’ to the correct ‘Queen Wilhelmina’. But many small and larger improvements and clarifications have been made, partly based on user comments.

Over 2,500 price adjustments

In general, we see that especially the material from before 1920 and specialized material is well on the market. However, prices have also been lowered for less well-marketed material. We do see that since the corona many collectors have picked up their hobby again and that it is becoming more difficult to find recent material. Especially canceled stamps from the past ten years are scarce. A number of King Willem Alexander stamps with different dates are also very sought after and significantly increased in price. Recent first-day envelopes have short runs and the trade has hardly any stock, so that price increases are noted here too.

There are major price shifts within the children’s series for the roller perforation.

New are prices for ALL used blocks and sheets.

Improved vintage table

The table with all prices added up is back in a much improved and expanded form. This makes it a lot easier to calculate the catalog value of a partially complete collection.

Extensive catalog

This extensive catalog also contains all first-day envelopes, stamp booklets, prestige booklets, stamp folders and varieties.

Emission 1923 100 years

The 1923 issue will be 100 years old in 2023. That theme is elaborated in the catalog by a story about this iconic issue. The blueprint also shows a stamp from this series and on the beautiful cover a slightly modified version of the orange 10 cents to add luster to the anniversary.

The new Netherlands catalog comprises about 500 pages.

Genres: Europe, Netherlands
Publisher: NVPH
Publication Year: 2022
ISBN: 97890736406797
List Price: EUR 21.90
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