OBP-COB. België/Belgique 2019

OBP-COB. België/Belgique 2019

O.C.B. - C.O.B. Belgium 2019 -  Official Stamp Catalogue (in French/Dutch)

About the Book

Newer edition: OBP-COB. België/Belgique 2020

OCB-COB Official Belgian stamp catalog edition 2019 (OCB)

The Belgian stamp catalog (including catalog prices) issued by the Belgian professional chamber of stamp dealers of the Belgian stamps (BBKPH) from the beginning to the present. > The full name of this work is “Official stamp catalog Belgium” but in the vernacular it is sometimes spoken about the OCB (official catalog Belgium) or the OBP (official Belgian stamp catalog). In this catalog you can find all Belgian stamps from the past and now with the image in color, the catalog price, the issue date, catalog number and much more information. The Belgian stamp catalog is divided into two separate parts which are sold together in one package.

Official Belgian stamp catalog Part 1:

With the Belgian stamps and all subdomains of Belgian stamps such as automatic stamps, occupation stamps, blocks, booklets, postcards, daily stamps, service stamps, erinnophilia, small sheets, military stamps, unauthorized designs, paper types, plate numbers, roll seals, penalty stamps, black and white sheets and much more.

Official Belgian stamp catalog Part 2:

With the stamps of the Belgian ex-Colonies Belgian Congo, Burundi (Kingdom and Republic), Democratic Republic (Congo), Katanga, local editions (Albertville and Stanleyville), independent state Congo, postage stamps (India), postal packages (Vicicongo), Republic of Congo, Republic of Zaire, Rwanda-Urundi, Rwanda, Sud-Kasai.
The official Belgian stamp catalog is really essential for the Belgian philatelist who wants to know everything about the Belgian stamps and in this edition new varieties and even a completely new category have been added and this catalog has been adapted to the fluctuations on the international market. The Belgian stamp catalog is published annually and usually occurs in or around the month of October.

1007 (A4 format) pages in color, in Dutch & French, year of publication 2018

Genre: Archive
Publisher: BBKPH
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9789492785015
List Price: EUR 33.90