OBP-COB. België/Belgique 2020

OBP-COB. België/Belgique 2020

OBP-COB Official Belgium Stamp Catalogue 2020 (in Dutch/French)

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About the Book

Newer edition: Official Belgium Stamp catalogue edition 2021

Official Belgian stamp catalog edition 2020 (OCB)

The Belgian stamp catalog (incl. List prices) issued by the Belgian professional chamber of stamp traders of Belgian stamps (BBKPH) from start to the present. The full name of this work is “Official stamp catalog Belgium”, but it is popularly referred to as the OCB (official catalog Belgium) or the OBP (official Belgian stamp catalog). In this catalog you can find all Belgian stamps from the past and present with the color image, the list price, the issue date, catalog number and much more information. The Belgian stamp catalog is divided into 2 separate parts, which are each sold together in 1 package.

Official Belgian stamp catalog Part 1:

With the Belgian stamps and all subdomains of Belgian stamps such as machine stamps, occupation stamps, blocks, booklets, postcards, newspaper stamps, service stamps, erinnophilia, small sheets, military stamps, non-adopted designs, paper types, plate numbers, scroll stamps, punitive postage stamps, black and white sheets and much more.

Official Belgian stamp catalog Part 2:

With the stamps of the Belgian ex-Colonies, Belgian Congo, Burundi (Kingdom and republic), Democratic republic (Congo), Katanga, local issues (Albertville and Stanleyville), independent state of the Congo, post-freedom stamps (India), mail packages (Vicicongo), Republic of Congo, Republic of Zaire, Ruanda-Urundi, Rwanda, Sud-Kasai.
The official Belgian stamp catalog is really indispensable for the Belgian philatelist who wants to know everything about the Belgian stamps and in this edition new varieties and even a completely new section were added as well as this catalog was adapted to the fluctuations on the international market. This postage stamp catalog also contains a free non-adopted design from 2020 with the theme “The Squares of Liège”. The Belgian stamp catalog is published annually and usually takes place in or around October.

About the Belgische Beroepskamer van Postzegelhandelaren (BBKPH)

The Belgian Professional Chamber of Stamp Dealers (BBKPH) was founded in 1923 and brings together professional traders working in the field of philately and who are committed to strictly adhering to ethical rules, including authenticity and the preservation of stamps. When there is a dispute with a seller who is a member of the BBKPH, there is a dispute committee that will attempt to defend the interests of each party (except in the case of legal notice).

The BBKPH publishes the Official Belgian Stamp Catalog (OBP) every year, which provides the collectors with excellent information about Belgian philately and the former Belgian colonies.

The BBKPH also supports numerous philatelic events and exhibitions, which are meeting places for the various actors of the philatelic market.

During those philatelic events and when the new stamp catalog is issued, the BBKPH usually publishes designs that have not been adopted that can nicely complete the stamp collection.

The stamp dealer is the best adviser for the collector. Because of his passion for stamp collections and his thorough knowledge of the market, he will certainly be able to assist the collector with the following:

  • give good advice for starting a stamp collection, either traditional or thematic;
  • help the philatelist to obtain missing pieces from his collection;
  • offering albums and philatelic material for sale to present his / her collection beautifully;
  • carry out expertise and estimate collections (such as inheritance, division of assets and claims).

Genre: Archive
Publisher: Belgische Beroepskamer van Postzegelhandelaren
Publication Year: 2019
ASIN: 9492785021
ISBN: 9789492785022
List Price: EUR 34.90
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