POFIS 2019 Czech Republic 1993-2019

POFIS 2019 Czech Republic 1993-2019

POFIS 2019 Česká republika 1993-2019 (in Czech)

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POFIS 2019 Czech Republic 1993-2019

Stamp catalog Czech Republic 1993 – 2019, color

POFIS is the oldest and largest publisher of philatelic literature in the Czech Republic. Since 1950 it has been published many dozens of publications – especially catalogs, manuals and monographs, as well as aids such as dentometers, etalons, etc. Now 4 – 5 different titles are published annually, which are usually processed here not only editorially, but also authors. Recently, let us mention at least the Specialized Manuals of Postage Stamps Czechoslovakia 1918 – 1939, Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia 1939 – 1945, Czechoslovakia 1945 – 92, or Czechoslovak Stationery 1918 – 1992 (volumes I and II). In the traditional series of monographs, the latest additions are the extensive publication Monograph No. 40 – Bibliographic list of articles dealing with the period of Czechoslovakia I 1918-1939 with further information on the attached CD.

Most recently, POFIS has introduced a number of POFISmini catalogs, which are intended as a free supplement to members of the club magazine Filatelie.

In terms of content, POFIS emphasizes the seriousness and truthfulness of the published information. From the price point of view, the main consideration is the corresponding mutual ratios of rarity when evaluating individual items. It is based on the experience of important traders and collectors and the results of large auctions. In terms of editing, the practical A5 format was chosen for most titles. Most publications are full-color.

Now in collaboration with Gerhard Sand, the Austrian perfins expert, we have managed to publish a catalog of Austrian perfin which has been missing on our market for decades.

Genres: Czech Republic, Europe
Publisher: Filatelie Stosek
List Price: CZK 600
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