Sakura Catalogue of Japanese Stamps 2019

Sakura Catalogue of Japanese Stamps 2019

Sakura Catalogue of Japanese Stamps 2019 (in Japanese)

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About the Book

Review some of the commemorative and stamps’ ratings, read the series stamp easily with layout renewal!

The latest “Sakura Nippon Stamp catalog 2019 edition” has collected 8700 stamps. One of the major changes is the renewal of the layout that was done throughout the catalog, from the previous year’s commemorative and special to the last stamp at the end.

The number of new stamps issued in one year has exceeded 500 species in recent years, and stamps issued since the 21st century occupy two-thirds of the total. At the center “Memorial Series Stamp”, we review the layout to make it easier to see according to the issue form and number of species.

In addition, revised the evaluation before the war ~ early postwar memorials and part of the normal stamps! Both are reviewing based on the latest market trends, especially the extremely popular pre-war commemorative stamp’s evaluation of extremely beautiful items is attention.

Besides this, we are doing our own evaluation / data update, including the “stamp version and color marked list” of ordinary stamps and “Sakura”.

■ Public Interest Foundation Japan Philosophy Association
Issued April 20, 2018
■ A5 size / homemade / 352 pages / all color


Genres: Asia, Japan
Publisher: Japan Philosophy Association
Publication Year: 2018
List Price: JPY 1,000
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