Sassone 2020 – BLU Edition

Sassone 2020 – BLU Edition

Sassone 2020 - BLU Edition (in Italian)

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About the Book

Sassone 2020 – BLU Edition


79th edition, catalog of the stamps of Italy including old states, Luogotenenza, Vatican, San Marino & Maltese Order S.M.O.M., 655 pages in color

About Sassone

The Sassone catalog was founded in 1941. Originally it was a simple retail price list of Professor Luigi Sassone, a well-known stamp dealer of the time and over the years this price list, losing its initial characteristics, became the reference to rely on to know the prices of the stamps of the Italian Area.

Genres: Europe, Italy, San Marino, Vatican
Publisher: Sassone
Publication Year: 2019
List Price: EUR 17.25
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