Spink Maury Catalog of French Stamps 2020-2021

Spink Maury Catalogue de Timbres de France 2020-2021 (in French)

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About the Book

Spink Maury Catalog of French Stamps 2020-2021

published by Spink the Maury France catalogue has now reverted back to a single volume set printed in full colour.

French language – the Maury catalogue combines the numbering system of Ceres & Dallay.

This is a very impressive comprenhensive catalogue with good illustrations for varieties, also includes Telegraph, Telephone, Railway and Parcel stamps plus rarely seen wartime overprints.

Broken down into main chapters including:

Classic period – 1849-1900

Pre War periiod 1900-1939

Reconstruction after WWII 1940-1959

Also includes self adhesives and personalised stamps.

It no longer includes Francs currency period 1960-2001 or Euro currency period – except for definitive stamps

Genres: Europe, France
Publisher: Spink
Publication Year: 2020
ASIN: 1912667142
ISBN: 9781912667147
List Price: GBP 27.50
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