Stanley Gibbons 2020 Collect British Stamps Catalogue

Stanley Gibbons 2020 Collect British Stamps Catalogue

Stanley Gibbons 2020 Collect British Stamps Catalogue

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About the Book

Stanley Gibbons 2020 Collect British Stamps Catalogue

Key Features

  • Provides a straightforward simplified, richly illustrated listing of every Great Britain stamp from the famous Penny Black up to the end of 2019
  • Your complete introduction to GB stamp collecting
  • All commemorative designs illustrated
  • A handy self-contained reference guide for the collector
  • A helpful introduction with advice on how to build a collection, choose an album and mount stamps, survey guide to philatelic accessories and the Stanley Gibbons numbering System
  • Stanley Gibbons prices are recognised everywhere as the standard guide to stamp values
  • Watermark and perforation differences included
  • Post Office year books, PHQ cards, postage dues, official stamps, commemorative and traffic light gutter pairs and much more
  • Design index for commemorative issues from 1924 to aid stamp identification
  • Quick-reference listing of all Prestige Stamp Booklets, 1969-2019

New for this edition:

  • Complete listings of all 2019 issues
  • Prices have been carefully reviewed throughout. There are increases in all sections, but also a number of reductions, bringing catalogue prices into line with today’s competitive market
  • The ‘Security’ Machins (with ‘U’ number prefixes) have been subject to some further renumbering in order to accommodate likely future issues
  • Where presentation packs include the relevant miniature sheet as well as the stamp set, this is now clearly noted
  • A number of additional notes have been included in the introduction to the catalogue, providing essential guidance to the less-experienced collector

Detailed Content/Countries Covered

  • Great Britain, 1840–2019
  • Regional Issues:
    1. England
    2. Northern Ireland
    3. Scotland
    4. Wales
  • Isle of Man, 1958–71
  • Channel Islands
    1. General Issue, 1948
    2. Guernsey, 1941–69
    3. Jersey, 1941–69
  • Postage Due Stamps
  • Royal Mail Postage Labels
  • Official Stamps
  • Post & Go Stamps
  • Philatelic, Numismatic and Philatelic Medallic Covers issued by Royal Mail    
  • Quick-reference priced listing of Prestige Stamp Booklets

About Stanley Gibbons

The Stanley Gibbons Group plc is a company quoted on the London Stock Exchange and which specialises in the retailing of collectable postage stamps and similar products. The group is incorporated in London. The company is a major stamp dealer and philatelic publisher. The company’s philatelic subsidiary, Stanley Gibbons Limited, has a royal warrant of appointment from Queen Elizabeth II.

About Stanley Gibbons Catalogues

The first Stanley Gibbons stamp catalogue was a penny price list issued in November 1865 and reissued at monthly intervals for the next 14 years. The company produces numerous catalogues covering different countries, regions and specialisms; many of them are reissued annually. The catalogues list all known adhesive postage stamp issues and include prices for used and unused stamps.

Genres: England, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Northern Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom, Wales
Publisher: Stanley Gibbons
Publication Year: 2019
ASIN: 1911304569
ISBN: 9781911304562
List Price: GBP 17.95
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