Yvert & Tellier Catalogue de Cotation Timbres des France Tome 1 – 2019

Yvert & Tellier Catalogue de Cotation Timbres des France Tome 1 – 2019

Yvert & Tellier Stamp catalog French Stamps Volume 1 - 2019 (in French)

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Newer edition: Yvert & Tellier French stamp catalogue Volume 1 – 2020

Yvert & Tellier Stamp catalog French Stamps Volume 1 – 2019


– A major update of the ratings – More visuals – More and more volume – An elegant and airy layout
– Four new sections: Paris offices, Souvenir Sheet Square Marigny, Imaginary Museum, Social-Postal

Yvert & Tellier Catalog – French Stamps
Color version.
Size: 15×21 cm – 1344 pages Back sewn – Hardcover



If you had to get an idea of ​​the spirit of the 2019 edition of the catalog of Yvert & Tellier French Stamps, it would be enough to put your eyes on its cover. Black background enameled with silver and stamps representing in turn the Eiffel Tower and Chagall, Ceres and cathedrals, it emanates a sense of sober elegance.

Elegance means clarity and seriousness. This legibility, it is noticed by flipping through the pages devoted to Memories Blocks, much more airy than before. It is still seen in the new denomination of certain headings, especially those devoted to the overseas departments. For example, we can cite the case of Reunion Island. Previously classified in the “CFA Meeting” category, some programs now correspond to the name “Reunion Department overcrowded CFA”.

Moreover, it is the entire stamp catalog that obeys this imperative of readability. And yet, this ease of reading did not come at the expense of content. Always as rich in visuals, always swarming with details, this edition dedicated to the hexagonal philately is the fruit of a movement which is registered on the long time. For more than thirty years, the Yvert & Tellier “French Stamps” catalog has been specializing, each type of stamp now having its own section and improving a little more each time.

We see this with the creation of a brand new chapter dedicated to the Paris offices, these cancellations stamps specific to the capital, created during the Second Republic and lasting under the Second Empire. Exceptional visuals in support, is strong to unveil to collectors this often overlooked pan of French philately.

To conclude this presentation, we would like to mention the update of the vast majority of stamp ratings. Like this catalog, we are particularly proud to present the result of this patient and meticulous work, done in order to stick as close to the realities of the philatelic market.

In addition to updated ratings for the classic period, note that the heading “Stars of Paris” was completed by a chapter dedicated to “Bureaux de quartier”, so-called “Bureaux de Paris”, known for their very beautiful cancellations.

Genre: Archive
Publisher: Yvert & Tellier
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: 2868142796
ISBN: 9782868142795
List Price: EUR 23.90
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