Yvert & Tellier – The world stamp catalog of the year 2019

Catalogue Mondial - Les timbres de l'année 2019 (in French)

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Yvert & Tellier – The world stamp catalog of the year 2019


The stamp catalog of the year 2019 is the only catalog in the world presenting all* the visuals of the stamps and miniature sheets published in 2019.

The World Catalog of New Products lists and presents in colour all the postage stamps issued worldwide during the year as well as the prices generally charged by traders.
The plus of this new vintage: all stamps are quoted unlike in previous years where only the series was quoted.

Beginners or confirmed, this catalog is of interest to all philatelists who wish to keep informed of news, and particularly those who specialize in a theme such as animals, flora, fauna, famous people …

An essential complement to the famous Yvert & Tellier catalogs, it allows you to update your collections between two editions.

World guide to new products 2019

Color version. – 432 pages.
Sewn back – Soft cover

* All the blocks and stamps we have.

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