Yvert & Tellier Timbres des France Tome 1 – 2018

Yvert & Tellier Timbres des France Tome 1 – 2018
Yvert & Tellier French stamp catalogue (in French)
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About the Book

The year 2018 is a great vintage for this new edition of Volume 1 of the catalog of French Stamps. Just open it to realize that it has changed profoundly. A complete questioning, to meet ever more your requirements and facilitate your reading. It is this ability to reinvent the catalog that makes its charm. No need then to develop love potions to attract philatelists. The version of this new catalog will seduce them inevitably!

New sections and many visuals are added to a catalog already acclaimed by all philatelists.

The quotes, meanwhile, have been updated to stick closer to the reality of the market. Variety lovers will be happy to discover some finds, listed in this latest edition.

In the modern period, collectors of self-adhesive and pre-bonded people will appreciate the hard work done on these items, where ratings have changed significantly. The wheels are also a beauty with new dimensions and visuals added. The dated corners, totally reevaluated, enrich many visuals and are reborn thanks to a new layout, for better readability. Novelty also on the side of the Luxury events for the
gummed stamps, which are distributed under each stamp or under each series, to the delight of collectors.

The Millésimes section is changing too!
A new face with many visuals and a clearer layout for more understanding.

Finally, eagerly awaited, a new section is emerging … listing the vignettes of French international philatelic exhibitions.

The classic period has been updated, some ratings have been reworked
The novelty ? This is the creation of a new section devoted to the stars of Paris. Immerse yourself in these magnificent cancellations that can constitute collections in their own right.

French stamps
Color version.
Size: 15×21 cm – 1296 pages Back sewn – Hardcover

Genres: Europe, France
Publisher: Yvert & Tellier
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 2868142702
ISBN: 9782868142702
List Price: EUR 26.50

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