Yvert&Tellier French Stamp Catalogue 2020 – Volume 1

Yvert&Tellier  French Stamp Catalogue 2020 – Volume 1

Yvert & Tellier TOME 1 - 2020 (Catalogue des Timbres de France) (in French)

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Yvert&Tellier French Stamp Catalogue 2020 – Volume 1



With its 124th Edition, the catalog of French stamps for the year 2020 is definitely embarking on the path of specialization, further refining the work begun by its elders. With its 150 additional pages compared to the previous vintage, this “reference catalog” from Éditions Yvert & Tellier will once again convince you with its seriousness and its attention to detail. And this richness becomes particularly eloquent as soon as we leaf through this new volume. You just have to start from the very beginning to realize this.

From the glossary, you will notice the appearance of new terms with explanations and visuals in support, all this in order to facilitate your search. After the glossary come the pages dedicated to Classic Stamps. Here a radical change has taken place.

Each stamp now has its own page presenting all its varieties, pairs, bands, blocks and specific cancellations, with a new symbol for each of them.

And this observation, of an unprecedented richness, will be verified everywhere: whether it is the Postal Parcels having all their visuals or the Joint issues presenting for the first time and their stamps and their sleeves or the Mounted Balloons, benefiting from the same treatment than the Classic Stamps. Particular attention was paid in particular to French Offices Abroad as well as the famous and rare Boules de Moulins, name given to letters stored in airtight cylinders and thrown into the Seine in order to reach friendly lines during the Siege of Paris in 1870. However, this luxuriance of details is never done at the expense of clarity. Because if the new Timbres de France wants to be always more complete, it does not abandon its didactic approach. Indeed, this abundance of information is systematically rationalized and concentrated in the headings which correspond to it. It will therefore be easy for you to quickly find out everything about the category of stamps you are looking for.

Focus on French Offices Abroad
In addition to a major update of the dimensions for the headings other than the Postage Stamps (in particular for Pre-canceled), one will note the fleshing out of the chapter dedicated to the French Offices of the Foreigner, opened from 1830 in the main port cities from the Mediterranean and Asia in order to facilitate communications with the Metropolis. These Offices issued French stamps for a century with their own cancellations and date stamps before overloading them in local currency.


More than 150 additional pages compared to the previous edition.
An enriched lexicon.
A presentation of the Classic Stamps completely revised.
Numerous detailed headings (Balloons Mounted, Balls of a Mill, Followed Letters …).
Always more visuals.

Yvert & Tellier Catalog – Quotation of French Stamps
Color version.
Format: 15×21 cm – 1504 pages Sewn back – Hard cover

About Yvert et Tellier

Éditions Yvert et Tellier is a postage stamp merchant and a French philatelic publishing house founded in 1895, currently based in Amiens. Its stamp catalog is a French reference and one of the international references with Stanley Gibbons, Michel and Scott.

Its logo, which represents a circle divided between a snowflake and a smiling sun, symbolizes a pun on the name of the company: “winter, summer linked”, Yvert and Tellier.

Founded as a printing press for a legitimist newspaper by Eugène Yvert in 1831, Maison Yvert specialized in philately in 1895 under the leadership of grandson Louis Yvert and its chief printer Théodule Tellier.

Genre: Archive
Publisher: Yvert et Tellier
Publication Year: 2019
ASIN: 2868142893
ISBN: 9782868142894
List Price: EUR 25.90
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