Yvert&Tellier Stamp Catalog for European Stamps Volume 3 – 2019 – from Helgoland to Netherlands

Yvert&Tellier Stamp Catalog for European Stamps Volume 3 – 2019 – from Helgoland to Netherlands

Yvert & Tellier Catalogue de cotation des Timbres d´Europe Volume 3 - 2019 - de Heligoland à Pays-Bas (in French)

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About the Book

Yvert&Tellier Stamp Catalog for European Stamps Volume 3 – 2019 – from Helgoland to Netherlands


Europe Vol. 3 2019: a philatelic trip to the heart of Italy

The new edition of this catalog offers a very complete focus on Italy, with more than 1,500 visuals added! A veritable open-air museum, Italy has preserved its beauty over the centuries, often highlighted through its stamps. In philately too, collectors will be enchanted by the Italian dolce vita.
This new edition presents many visuals formerly illustrated in black & white, and offers enriched sections to collectors in all the countries concerned.

This volume contains the following countries/places:

Arbe and Veglia, Banat-Bacska, Baranya, Campione, Dalmatia, Debreczen, Two Sicilies, Churches (Pontifical States), Fiume, Fiume and La Kupa, Heligoland, Hungary, Ingria, Ionian Islands , Ireland, Iceland, Italy (Former States), Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Post), Kyrgyzstan, (Kyrgyz Express Post), Kosovo, Latvia, Levant, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Central Lithuania, South Lithuania, Lombardo-Veneto, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Marienwerder, Memel, Merano, Modena, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Order of Malta, Uzbekistan, Parma, Netherlands, Romagna, Sardinia, Szeged, Temesvar (Timisiorra), Tuscany, Trento and Trieste, Trentino , Trieste, Udine, Veneto Julian

European stamps from Heligoland to Netherlands
Format: 21×27 cm – 984 pages – Paperback

About Yvert et Tellier

Éditions Yvert et Tellier is a postage stamp merchant and a French philatelic publishing house founded in 1895, currently based in Amiens.

Its stamp catalog is a French reference and one of the international references with Stanley Gibbons, Michel and Scott. Its logo, which represents a circle divided between a snowflake and a smiling sun, symbolizes a pun on the name of the company: “winter, summer linked”, Yvert and Tellier.

Founded as a printing press for a legitimist newspaper by Eugène Yvert in 1831, Maison Yvert specialized in philately in 1895 under the leadership of grandson Louis Yvert and its chief printer Théodule Tellier.

Series: Timbres d'Europe, Book 3
Genres: Asia, Europe, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway
Publisher: Yvert et Tellier
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: 2868142877
ISBN: 9782868142870
List Price: EUR 54.90
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