Yvert&Tellier – World catalog for quotation of European Stamps Volume 1 – 2018 – from Albania to Bulgaria

Yvert&Tellier – World catalog for quotation of European Stamps Volume 1 – 2018 – from Albania to Bulgaria

Yvert&Tellier Catalogue mondial de cotation des Timbres d'Europe Volume 1 - 2018 - de Albanie à Bulgarie (in French)

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Newer edition: Yvert&Tellier – World catalog for quotation of European Stamps Volume 1 – 2018 – from Albania to Bulgaria

Yvert&Tellier – World catalog for quotation of European Stamps Volume 1 – 2018 – from Albania to Bulgaria


Catalog for quotation of European Stamps from Albania to Bulgaria

The 2018 edition of the Europe Vol catalog. 1 is available. Readers will benefit from a completely reworked version, in particular the part devoted to Germany. Zoom on Belgian philately with a focus enriched with more than 3100 visuals.

In addition to presenting the latest philatelic news and the evolution of all the dimensions, the new catalog dedicated to Europe volume 1 (Albania to Bulgaria) presents many visuals formerly illustrated in black & white, and offers sections enriched for collectors.

German philately

The stamp bears the trace of the evolution of the Franco-German relationship. Representations of the Other respond to each other over the border over time – the “barbarian” being, of course, always on the other side … But between 1870 and today, with a radical break after 1945, the hereditary enemy became the inseparable friend, despite the vagaries of which philately accounts well. It is for this reason that the Yvert & Tellier editions have decided to completely rework the headings of German philately, very important in the universe of the collection.
The classical period is the one that underwent the most transformations, to the delight of collectors of this era:
– From 1870 to 1920, the quotations are now in 3 columns.
– All the watermarks (except the watermark R) have been distributed in chronological order.
– The series dedicated to the stamp “Germania” is very detailed and offers the reader an explanatory note to distinguish the series known as “of Peace” (1905-1912) from that known as “of War” (1915-1919).
– Certain stamps referenced in Bavaria have been integrated where it should be, within the Weimar Republic.

The modern period has not been forgotten …
– 4 Stamps referenced in Germany Bizone are now included in the section of postage stamps from Federal Germany.
– A zoom on the series n ° 65 of the Germany Bizone was created so that the collectors better distinguish type I from type II

Air mail, too, reveals a new face with the integration of precursor stamps, hitherto absent from the Yvert & Tellier numbering.

This volume contains the following broadcasts:

Albania, Germany, Federal Germany, East Germany Allenstein, Anatolia, French Andorra, Spanish Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Austria-Hungary, Azerbaijan, Baden, Bavaria, Belgium, Bergedorf, Berlin (Western sector), Berlin (Soviet sector), Belarus , Bohemia and Moravia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bremen, Brunswick, Bulgaria, Southern Bulgaria, DDSG, Eupen, Hamburg, Hanover, Nagorno-Karabakh, Herceg-Bosna, Holstein, Koritza, Lubeck, Malmedy, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Strelitz , Mecklenburg-Pomerania, Oldenburg, Prussia, Rep. Bosnian Serb, Eastern Romania, Saxony, Western Saxony, Eastern Saxony, Schleswig, Schleswig-Holstein, Thuringia, Tour and Taxis, Württemberg

European stamps from Albania to Bulgaria

Format: 21×27 cm – 972 pages – Paperback

About Yvert et Tellier

Éditions Yvert et Tellier is a postage stamp merchant and a French philatelic publishing house founded in 1895, currently based in Amiens.

Its stamp catalog is a French reference and one of the international references with Stanley Gibbons, Michel and Scott. Its logo, which represents a circle divided between a snowflake and a smiling sun, symbolizes a pun on the name of the company: “winter, summer linked”, Yvert and Tellier.

Founded as a printing press for a legitimist newspaper by Eugène Yvert in 1831, Maison Yvert specialized in philately in 1895 under the leadership of grandson Louis Yvert and its chief printer Théodule Tellier.

Genre: Archive
Publisher: Yvert et Tellier
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 2868142737
ISBN: 9782868142733
List Price: EUR 54.90
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