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Austria Stamp Catalogues (books)

2021 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue – Volume 1 (US & A-B)
Stanley Gibbons 2020 Stamps Of The World
Yvert & Tellier – The world stamp catalog of the year 2019
Michel Alpine Countries 2020
Unificato Europa 2019/2020 – Volume 1
Austria Netto Katalog (ANK) – Stamps Austria Standard Catalog 2020
Austria Netto Katalog (ANK) – Stamps Austria Special Catalog 2019/2020
Austria Netto Katalog (ANK) – Stamps four-country catalog 2020
Yvert&Tellier – World catalog for quotation of European Stamps Volume 1 – 2018 – from Albania to Bulgaria
2020 Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue Of Stamps And Covers 1840-1940
Michel Österreich-Spezial 2019
Michel Mitteleuropa 2019
Michel Europaïsche Kolonien und Gebiete

Philex Österreich 2019

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Philex Österreich 2019
Austria Netto Katalog – Briefmarken Österreich Spezial Katalog 2018/2019
Austria Netto Katalog Briefmarken Österreich Standard 2019
Stanley Gibbons Austria & Hungary Stamp Catalogue – 8th Edition
Stanley Gibbons Western Europe Simplified Stamp Catalogue – 2nd Edition
Ferchenbauer Österreich – 4 Bänden

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Austria Online Stamp Catalogues

Michel (German/English) – Most complete online stamp catalogue with actual prices (subscription required)

Colnect (all language) – Colnect (premium) has auto-matching, best matches and an extensive free stamp catalogs

Gerhard’s Briefmarkenseite (English) – All stamps since 2000 with Michel reference