Åland – Åland centenary

Åland centenary

Special stamp issue celebrates
Åland centenary

On 9 June 2022, Åland Post issues its second stamp in
celebration of the 100th anniversary of Åland autonomy.
This year’s miniature sheet by Åland artist Jonas Wilén
shows a cross-section of the Åland islands of today. To put
a silver lining on the celebration of the centenary, we also
launch a limited edition of a specially printed version of the
miniature sheet inserted in a jubilee pack.

Jonas Wilén describes the miniature sheet as “Åland in a nutshell”, and he
gives his version of today’s life in Åland, where old ways and modern life mix
well. The islanders affirm their proud traditions but, at the same time, take part
in the modern high-tech world. In Åland, it is close to nature, jobs, school and

Åland Post also releases a jubilee pack with a special version of the miniature
sheet Åland autonomy 100 years on 9 June. The special miniature sheet is produced with foiling and embossing in a limited edition of 4500. The texts on the
sheet are printed in glossy metal foil, while the embossing print makes the island
seem to have risen slightly above sea level. In the jubilee pack, the miniature
sheet is placed centrally in a foil pocket for best viewing and safe storage. The
jubilee pack is numbered by hand and also has information about the issue in
English, German, Swedish and Finnish.

Facts about the issue

Name of issue Åland autonomy 100 years
Date of issue 9 June 2022
Artist Jonas Wilén
Design Johanna Finne
Edition 25 000
Denomination €5.00
Price FDC €6.00
Price jubilee pack €10.00
Stamp size 50 × 44,8 mm
Miniature sheet size 120 × 95 mm
Paper 110 g/m2
Perforation 13 per 2 cm
Process 4-colour offset
Printer Cartor Security Printing

Image provided by Åland Post