Aruba – Love your dog

Aruba - Love your dog

On October 4, 2022, which is World Animal Day is, Post Aruba N.V. emitted its stamp series entitled “Love your dog”.

The issue has become a reality in collaboration with the National Plan that deals with the dog issues on the island in the context of the “Dog Ordinance”, by holding a drawing competition entitled “Love your dog” that took place in 2021.

The aim of the competition is to let the children express themselves and at the same time to make them aware of the importance of properly caring for their pet and to inform them of the “Dog Ordinance”.

The National Plan committee proposed four themes from which the children could choose to draw. Of the more than 1000 drawings that have come in, one winner has been chosen from each theme and thus his or her drawing has become a stamp design.

The four themes and the winners of the 2021 drawing competition “Love your dog” that are issued as stamps are:

• “Wash your dog”: Nathan Kelly – 6th class of the St. Anna School*

 Inspiration: Nathan has always had the desire to have his own dog to wash and care for.

With this drawing competition, he has learned how to take better care of a dog. Now he hopes that he will have his own dog in order to make his drawing a reality and to prove how much he loves and can take good care of a dog.

• “Play with your dog”: Angel Shurumay – 4th class of the St. Anna School*

Inspiration: Angel portrays himself in his drawing because he has always dreamed of having a dog with which he can walk and play, care for and love like a faithful friend.

• “Walk your dog on a collar”: Evoleth Urdaneta Contreras – 5th class of the Maria School*

Inspiration: Evoleth sees herself walking around freely in the park with her dog and enjoying the scenery, nature and the beautiful blue sky.

• “Your dog as a member of the family”: Marianne Casafus – 5th class of the Scol Primario Kudawecha*

Inspiration: Marianne considers her dogs as family members. When she comes home, they are overjoyed and they show their great love for her.

* Class of the year 2021, at the moment they participated in the drawing competition.

Post Aruba has committed to the committee’s objective of beginning to inculcate respect for our Dog Ordinance and the love for pets in our children. This guarantees a better future in terms of the care of a pet by its owner and a more responsible choice for whether or not to have a pet.

This stamp series is accompanied by a First Day Envelope designed by Mr. Elvis Tromp.