Falkland Islands – 25th Anniversary of the Lighthouse Seafarer’s Mission

Falkland Islands - Anniversary of the Lighthouse Seafarer's Mission

25th Anniversary of the Lighthouse Seafarer’s Mission

The Lighthouse Seaman’s Centre as it was originally known was formed resultant of a Christian vision by Mike and Kirsten Hughes – Now living in New Zealand.

They both set sail from Grimsby in their twin mast vessel ‘King David’ arriving in Stanley Harbour they quickly recognized that for many Fishermen there was nowhere for them to go ashore.

They very soon started to invite the men onto King David for tea/coffee and Kirsten’s specialty ‘Danish Pastries’. (Kirsten hails from Denmark).

As things progressed two second hand portacabins were donated and land was provided, on the current site, for the portacabins to be placed and soon became the home of the Mission.

Refreshments were a key issue and Kirsten set up a café for the public, thus raising much needed funds to ensure the mission was able to maintain itself.

From the three churches in Stanley a Board of Trustees was formed which also included 2 lay members.

Over the years the Mission has seen many different couples managing it and it has, in many ways had something of a roller-coaster ride in terms of Managers and Finance.

In 2015 Betty Turner changed the Managing role into a Port Chaplain’s role – handing over the reins to Maurice and Debbie Lake. Who remain currently in post.

In 2016 in recognition of the increasing needs for seafarers to have ‘their own place’ ashore, it was decided to close the Café to the public.

Then in September 2017 the Lighthouse Seafarers Mission as it had become opened its doors on a 24/7 basis for Seafarers. A system which remains to this day.

The two original portacabins have undergone complete refurbishment and currently provides full board accommodation for seafarers recovering from sickness or injury. Mission staff are trained and provide Welfare, Spiritual and Practical care.

For many years we have received corporate sponsorship from the Falklands Fishing and Seafaring Industry together with annual subvention from Falkland Islands Government.

Over the last 25 years the Mission has had connections with a number of UK Seafaring Charities and is held in high regard.

Many of these charities have provided valuable funding to support and enhance the work of the Mission.  

The Lighthouse Seafarers Mission could not be written about without mentioning ‘MARLON’ the Mission dog. Marlon (full UK Kennel Club name: Sir Marlon Stanley Fitzroy) the Miniature Schnauzer is a wonderful asset to the mission, always there to welcome seafarers and be a comfort to them when they are struggling with sickness or injury.

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