Isle of Man – Underwater Photography

Isle of Man - Underwater Photography

Isle of Man Post Office is delighted to release this issue of six stamps sharing a collection of underwater photographs depicting various species native in and around the waters of the Isle of Man. Produced alongside local marine biologist Dr Lara Howe, this set aims to raise awareness, educate and promote the marine habitats that surround the shores of our Isle. 

The Isle of Man is a special place for wildlife, both above and below water; with over 87% of its territory being marine. Under the waves, beyond the view of many, the topography, strong tidal currents and clean waters has created a myriad of marine habitats and species, many of which are as bright and colourful as their tropical counterparts.

The majority of our 160km coastline is rocky reef creating a beautiful underwater habitat. Much research has been undertaken in Manx waters over the centuries by marine scientists including the famous Manxman Edward Forbes. Not forgetting the many scientists and students from around the world who studied at the Marine Biological Station in Port Erin, where much exploration and investigation has been undertaken over the lifetime of the lab.

This work has highlighted the diversity that these marine waters have to offer and the huge amount of life that they support, from the little to the large. From plankton, to anemones, snails, crabs, fish and our larger marine life such as basking sharks, cetaceans and seals.

Isle of Man Stamps and Coins General Manager, Maxine Cannon said: “Isle of Man Stamps and Coins is thrilled to share this insightful collection of stamps exploring life beneath the waves of our Island. Having worked alongside Dr Lara Howe, we have selected a varied range of species native to the Island, with all images having been captured in Manx waters. The work carried out by Lara and her team highlights the diversity that our waters have to offer and the huge amount of life that they support.”

Dr Lara Howe said “I’m delighted and honoured to have been asked to produce this collection of stamps and share my lifelong passion for marine wildlife. The photographs showcase the wonderful, rich and varied marine life in Manx waters.”

The collection is available as a Stamp Set, Sheet Set, Presentation Pack, First Day Cover, Prestige Booklet and Booklet Pane. Visit to find detailed information about each product.

mages: Andy Pegge, Tim Nicholson, Leigh Morris and Dr Lara Howe

Design: IOM Advertising & PR

Text: Dr Lara Howe

Printer: Cartor

Process: Offset Lithography  

Colours: 4 colour 

Paper: 110gm PVA gummed  

Perforations: 13 ¼ per 2cms

Stamp Size: 36mm x 36mm

Set Size: 6

Format: Sheets of 10

Date of Issue: 31st October 2022

Limited Editions: Presentation Pack 1100, First Day Cover 1500