Malta – Comic Art In Malta 2022

Malta - Comic Art In Malta 2022

In a departure from the more traditional choice of theme, this stamp issue by MaltaPost is taken squarely from the contemporary world of comics. The artworks have been selected from Impressions of an Island – a publication by Heritage Malta in collaboration with Wicked Comics. They illustrate three images, all of which refer in some way, to our local culture.

Impressions of an Island marks the 10th anniversary of the annual Malta Comic Convention and showcases diverse comic-art renditions of Malta as seen through the eyes of several international and local artists. Their creations range from post-apocalyptic views to traditional images and from comedy to horror. This issue features three stamps with iconic scenery and superheroes inspired by the local culture and landscape.

The first stamp in the series is designed by MaltaPost staff member Fabio Agius who is a well-known comic artist and writer, a co-founder of the Malta Comic Con and co-author of The Golden Lizard – Malta’s first graphic novel. His stamp is inspired by the prehistoric Hagar Qim temple and combines his love of drawing and rich colour in the inky sky, the figures of the towering dragon and lone soldier readying himself for battle.

The next stamp is designed by UK-based comic artist Lee Townsend. Townsend has worked for some of the biggest names in comics and his prolific output has seen him design for Marvel, Disney and Dreamworks. Townsend’s stamp is largely inspired by the gardjola at Fort St. Angelo and there, launching himself off the bastions with Sliema in the background, is a muscular, red, and white Maltese superhero!

Italian born Mario Torrisi is a well-established artist within the international comic-art world and is at present pursuing his dream of working with some of the world’s top comic publishers. Responsible for the stamp depicting the fishing couple with their kelb tal-fenek, he draws inspiration from the sea, the rock, old local costumes, and the care-free youngsters all set against a scorching sun.

All three stamps bear the distinctive Malta Comic Con logo designed by Joseph Bugeja.