Malta – EUROMED 2022

Malta - EUROMED 2022

MaltaPost has again this year joined members of the Euromed Postal Joint Stamp Project in the issue of a set of stamps bearing a common theme. This is an annual commitment along the lines of the EUROPA stamp issue. The theme for 2022 is Maritime Archaeology & Historic Cities of the Mediterranean and in this regard MaltaPost has produced two stamps both related to Gozo.

The stamp on marine archaeology reproduces an image of a shipwreck off the coast of Xlendi Bay, by the University of Malta / Dave Gration Project that took upon the discovery and excavation of the site in 2007 and subsequently explored in 2014. This ancient shipwreck was found to include a 15m long Phoenician trading vessel dating to the 7th century, together with a handsome cache of ceramic amphorae lying partially exposed on the seabed. Given the date of the wreck, the site was considered to be extremely well preserved. In 2014, marine archaeologists used an exploratory submarine with instruments and sensors that provided 3D photogrammetric images.

The second stamp shows a marked departure from the usual depictions of Gozo’s Citadel. This portrays the bell tower of the handsome baroque cathedral and surrounding buildings, lit up against a dusky sky, and in the foreground the dry-stone walling so characteristic of the Mediterranean. Typical of a fortified city, the Citadel stands out as Gozo’s primary landmark. It is rich in buildings of architectural, military, and historic value including the Law Courts, churches, the Bishop’s Palace, a handful of museums, grain silos and the Old Prisons. Now a major tourist attraction, a walk around the well-preserved outer walls of the citadel leads to commanding views of the surrounding countryside and urban areas.

  • Date Of Issue: 11 Jul 2022
  • Designer: Maritime Archaeology – University of Malta / Dave Gration
  • Perforation: 14.0 x 13.9(comb)
  • Process: Offset
  • Sheet: Set of 2 stamps
  • Denominations: 20c and €5.00
  • Watermark: Maltese Crossed
  • Size: Sheet Size 118mm x 185mm Stamp – Size 44mm x 31mm