Malta – Malta Meteorological Office Centenary 1922 – 2022

Malta Meteorological Office Centenary 1922 - 2022

The issue of this set of three stamps is intended to raise awareness about the work carried by the Malta Meteorological Office, which this year celebrates 100 years from its inception.

The Meteorological Office is Malta’s primary source for weather-related information. Over the past century, our Meteorological Office, which is in fact the only official meteorological office on the Islands, has been providing critical information which has been crucial for the wellbeing of our community and the safe day-to-day operations of various industries.

July 1922 saw the opening of the first Meteorological Office in Malta, under the management of the UK Air Ministry. It was initially based in Guardamangia and fell under management of the Royal Air Force (RAF). With the onset of the Second World War the meteorological team moved underground for reasons of safety and security during air raids. It was only in 1942 that an observation station was opened at the Luqa airfield, expanding to a weather forecasting office a year later.

In April 1979, the service was passed on to the Civil Aviation Department, 19 years later falling under the remit of Malta International Airport. The team of forecasters, observers, and administrators at the Meteorological Office in Luqa is also responsible for issuing weather forecasts and safety notices to the public, as well as adapting weather data for different entities whose operation depends on accurate meteorological information.

By the introduction of modern technologies, the Meteorological Office provides a more detailed and accurate picture of the weather in Malta, allowing constant updates and careful tracking of different weather systems. Most recently, an Automated Weather Observation System was installed together with more sensitive field sensors and an upgraded radar imaging system to provide meteorologists with detailed and accurate weather analysis in real time.

While technologies and equipment may improve over the years, meteorologists will continue to play a critical role in interpreting data and converting this same data into insight and occasionally life-saving advice.

  • Date Of Issue: 01 Jul 2022
  • Designer: Malta International Airport
  • Perforation: 13.75 x 13.75 (comb)
  • Process: offset
  • Sheet: Set of 3 stamps
  • Denominations: €0.07, €0.37 and €1.25
  • Watermark: Maltese Crosses
  • Size: Sheet Size 205mm x 100mm – Stamp Size 35mm x 35mm