Monaco – 500th Anniversary of Honoré 1er

Monaco - 500th Anniversary of Honoré 1er

When Lucien Grimaldi died in 1523, his son Honoré was only 9 months old. His
uncle, Augustin Grimaldi, bishop of Grasse, is appointed regent. However, he
died in 1532. Honoré I, aged 9, reigned under the tutelage of Etienne Grimaldi, known as Gubernant. It continues the work of fortifications of the Rock carried out by Augustin, as evidenced by the door located at the top of the Rampe major marked with the initials of Lord HG and the Christian monogram IHS. Ten years after the completion of Porte Honoré I and with Nice threatened by the joint siege of King François I and the Turks, a new campaign of works is undertaken: the prow of the bastion of Serravalle is completed in 1545 and the Tower of All-the-Saints, in 1552.

Drawing and engraving: Louis BOURSIER
Printing: Intaglio 6 COLORS
Stamp format: 40 x 31.77 mm horizontal
Circulation: 40,000 stamps
Sheet of 10 postage stamps with illuminations
Release date: 17 October 2022