Correios de Portugal’s policy of showing solidarity with the Ukrainian people at this extremely difficult time for their country, it is with great pleasure that we join together once more in helping and supporting the recovery of Ukrainian society.

The postage stamp was created for a simple purpose: to serve as proof of payment for a message transmission service. It then evolved into what it is now: an ambassador for important causes and a celebration of the most important achievements in the issuing countries.

The stamp is also, and always has been, a herald of peace. It has an ecumenical, solidarity-based, educational dimension, uniting peoples and nations. It simplifies communication, carrying and delivering messages of all kinds to every corner on Earth.

As such, CTT Correios de Portugal has decided to use the postage stamp to express our utmost solidarity with the Ukrainian people at this difficult time, issuing this stamp which has been designed by our prestigious designer Professor João Machado.

In addition to this stamp, and as a prestigious symbolic expression of the connection between Ukraine and this CTT initiative, we present a text by His Excellency the President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a contribution that greatly honours us and adds even greater value to the issue.

CTT will donate all net proceeds from these stamps to actions that contribute towards alleviating the plight of the Ukrainian people. These actions will be defined in detail in close collaboration with the Embassy of Ukraine in Portugal.