Slovakia – The 150th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Eastern Slovak Museum in Košice

Slovakia - The 150th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Eastern Slovak Museum in Košice

The origins of our 150-year-old cultural institution date back to the second half of the 19th century, when an enthusiasm and passion for science became reality. Dr. Imrich Henszlmann was the driving force behind the establishment of an institution which would preserve exhibits from the town of Košice and the surrounding area. On 10th August 1846, in Košice, he presented his request to the travelling conference of the Association of Hungarian Physicians and Nature Researchers. His high-minded intentions became reality in 1872, when, on the initiative and concerted effort of the Klimkovics brothers and Viktor Myszkovsky, the Upper Hungarian Museum Association (Hung.: Felsőmagyarországi múzeum egylet) was established in Košice. Its foundation meeting was held in Košice on 27th October 1872. The first seat of the Upper Hungarian Museum was the building of the former public house The Golden Star (U zlatej hviezdy). The first items acquired for the museum included gold, silver and copper coins, banknotes, watches, documents, maps, books, engravings, furniture, guild chests, porcelain, various bronze and earthenware vessels, statuettes, jewellery, swords, pistols, minerals, taxidermy mounts, etc. The association had its golden age in the first few years after its foundation. After two years the Upper Hungarian Museum Association boasted a cultural and natural heritage collection made up of an incredible 14,016 items. The list of the first donors to the museum mainly included eminent figures from society, the culturally conscious people of Košice, church dignitaries, as well as institutions and associations. Throughout its 150-year history the Eastern Slovak Museum has managed a collection of more than 500,000 items, delivered thousands of interesting exhibitions and events, and boasts a number of restored collections and also many satisfied visitors. Our museum has grown to beauty into the new era through its constant effort to pursue the high-minded ideas and legacy of its conscious and noble founders.