Netherlands – Cryptostamp

PostNL Cryptostamp

PostNL will issue the very first Dutch crypto stamp this autumn. The launch comes from a collaboration with the Austrian Post, which simultaneously releases a crypto stamp. “Collecting stamps has been around for ages,” says Bob van Ireland, Director of Mail Netherlands at PostNL. “We are proud that we are appealing to a new generation of collectors with this Dutch first.”

The ‘NL crypto stamp’ consists of a physical stamp to use and a ‘digital twin’. This digital version becomes visible by scanning the QR code on the physical stamp. You can then activate, collect, exchange and trade them via the blockchain. The digital twin is a so-called non fungible token (NFT).

Cooperation with Austrian Post

The NL crypto stamp is not only new in the Netherlands, but also a worldwide first. It is in fact the first crypto stamp that is jointly issued by two postal companies. PostNL has joined forces with the Austrian Post, which released the first crypto stamp in 2019.

To seal this collaboration, PostNL CEO Herna Verhagen recently met her Austrian colleague Georg Pölzl. The Austrian Post has more than three years of experience in issuing crypto stamps. Georg Pölzl: “We have been deploying blockchain and crypto technology for a long time, making us a pioneer in this field. By using our license, postal companies worldwide can call on our expertise. I am convinced that, with the help from Austria, this Dutch crypto stamp will become a sought-after collector’s item.”

The Netherlands gets into crypto and NFTs

“There are more and more Dutch people who are delving into the world of crypto,” says Van Ireland. “Yet the general public only knows them by name. With this crypto stamp, we are now making NFTs accessible to a wider audience. We hope that this way we can enthuse more people for this special new step in the world of collecting.”

Secret design not yet revealed

Like the previous editions of the Austrian Post, the design of this joint issue crypto stamp has a unique symbol. In those earlier editions, these were the symbols of a unicorn, a whale and a panda. PostNL and the Austrian Post are not yet revealing the design that will soon adorn this crypto stamp. The design will be unveiled step by step in the coming period via the website, the Collect Club newsletter of PostNL and the social media channels of PostNL.

Availability crypto stamp

The NL crypto stamp is available in a limited edition for €9.05. PostNL will announce later when the presale starts, how large the print run is and where the crypto stamp is for sale.