The Netherlands – Leuvenum forests

The Netherlands - Experience_The_Nature

Today PostNL is issuing 10 new stamps in the Experience nature series with the subject of the flora and fauna of the Leuvenum forests. This 2,300 hectare nature reserve of Natuurmonumenten is located in the province of Gelderland, between Harderwijk, Nunspeet and Elspeet.

The issue on the Leuvenum forests is the 4th and last of 2022 in PostNL’s nature series. Earlier this year, stamps were issued over the Fort Ellewoutsdijk nature reserves in Zeeland, the Nieuwkoopse Plassen in South Holland and the Sint-Pietersberg in Limburg.

Forest, heath and sand

The Leuvenumse Bos is the collective name for the Leuvenumse Bos, the Hulshorsterzand and the Leuvenhorst estate. The contiguous area is located in the northwest of the Veluwe and has been owned by Natuurmonumenten for more than 100 years. In addition to the extensive forests, there are large moors and sand drifts. There is a lot of game in the area and it is a breeding area for many different birds.

swinging barrel

Wijnand Francke, nature management coordinator at Natuurmonumenten, is an enthusiastic advocate of this nature reserve. He praises the vastness and the variety, with forest as well as heathland and sand drifts. “The long Leuvenumsche beek is really beautiful. Especially now that we have succeeded in giving the stream back its old winding course, with the occasional flooding that results.”

Overlapping Circles

The stamps about the Leuvenum forests were designed by graphic designer Frank Janse from Gouda, who is also responsible for the other issues in this series. On the stamp sheetlet, the 10 main characters were given a portrait in their natural environment, each on their own stamp. On the stamps, the designer shows how the plants and animals in the Leuvenum forests like to hide under, between and behind the trees. “You can also see that in the photography on the stamps. Direct sunlight is rare in the forest, the light is always filtered. Often the photograph was taken from a great distance or from very close by, which blurs the background.”


The stamp sheetlet Experience nature – Leuvenumse forests has 10 different stamps with the value indication Nederland 1, intended for mail up to and including 20 grams with a destination within the Netherlands. The stamps will be available from August 15, 2022 at the Bruna stores and via The stamps can also be ordered by telephone from Collect Club’s customer service on 088 – 868 99 00. The validity period is indefinite.