The Netherlands – Paleis Het Loo

The Netherlands - Paleis Loo Velcmyk

After a renovation of more than 4 years, Paleis Het Loo welcomes visitors again in its completely renovated rooms. PostNL celebrates the festive reopening of the museum with a majestic stamp sheet. This gives you an insight into the personal rooms of queens who lived and worked in the palace over the centuries.

General director Michel van Maarseveen receives first copy

Today, the general director of Paleis Het Loo, Michel van Maarseveen, receives the first copy of the special issue from Stephan van den Eijnden, commercial director of PostNL Mail. The stamp sheetlet was designed by Anne Schaufeli and Huub de Lang of studio026 from Velp. Their design takes you into the history of the palace on the basis of the rooms of queens who have played an important role in Apeldoorn during 3 centuries of court and country life.

Queens in the lead role

The stamp sheetlet has 10 stamps on which 5 royal rooms can be admired: the bedroom of Mary Stuart, the toilet room of Sophie van Württemberg, the sitting rooms of Emma van Waldeck-Pyrmont and Wilhelmina van Oranje-Nassau and the bedroom of Juliana van Oranje-Nassau . Schaufeli explains their choice: “We have chosen a room of each as it can be seen in the palace. With the furnishings from their time. Juliana, for example, lived there as a child, but not later. That is why only one bedroom of hers can be seen.”

Personal details

2 stamps are dedicated to each queen: in addition to the overview photo of each room, a special detail is also in the spotlight. The details shown are a flower holder (Mary), a mirror (Sophie), a mantel clock (Emma), a table centerpiece (Wilhelmina) and a suitcase (Juliana). The overview photo and detail photo are alternately above and below each other, with each object telling something about the personality of the residents. For example, Anne Schaufeli says: “Mary was fond of Delft pottery, especially large tulip vases. The flower holder on the stamp is prominent in her bedroom.”

Striking design language

Designer duo Schaufeli and De Lang from studio026 were inspired for the design by the richness of the palace furnishings, with its many colours, ornaments and patterns. They used a pattern detail from each room as inspiration to shape the stamps. The patterns are graphically incorporated into the stamps as cut-outs from the photos, allowing you to see the details through the beautiful formal language of the palace.

3 centuries of history

Het Loo Palace was originally built in 1686 as a summer residence for Stadtholder William III and his wife Princess Mary Stuart. When the couple became King and Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland in 1689, they built it into a sumptuous palace worthy of a royal couple. Until 1975, Paleis Het Loo remained in use as a summer residence and work palace for successive generations of the House of Orange-Nassau. It was then turned into a museum. Between 2018 and April 2022, the palace was closed to the public and underwent a major renovation that has fully restored the historic quarters. In the meantime, the renovation continues under the forecourt. The expansion of the museum will be completed in 2023.

Opening hours Het Loo Palace

Paleis Het Loo is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. During the summer holidays, the palace is also open on Mondays. Until August 18, the palace is the stage for the Princes and Princess Days, a fairytale dress-up party for the youngest visitors.


The stamp sheetlet Paleis Het Loo has 10 personal stamps in 10 different designs, with the value indication Nederland 1, intended for mail up to and including 20 grams with a destination within the Netherlands. The stamps are only available from 16 August 2022 via the webshop and from Collect Club customer service on telephone number 088 – 868 99 00. The period of validity is indefinite.